About Christian Life Community

Christian Life Community CLC) consists of small groups of people (6 – 10 people) who are striving for a deeper spirituality that helps them find God in all things. Each local CLC community belongs to a regional, national and international community of Christian men and women, young and old, of all social conditions, who have a desire to find the voice of God in and through the ordinary events of each day.  The spirituality of CLC is inspired by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and is the specific source of its charisma. Members focus on increasing their awareness of being created and loved by God, as well as fostering their desire to work as a companion of Jesus to continue his mission in the world. This is done through the practices of continual prayer, individual and communal discernment to discover how God speaks to our soul. All CLC communities use this time with the Trinity to move into apostolic action within the world. We hope that through this website you can increase your familiarity with the significance of the CLC Way of Life — how following Ignatian Spirituality enriches our relationship with God, Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit. It also helps us in our relationships with each other within the context of an ecumenical spirit, leading to a stronger sense of community.

Men and women from various Christian churches, join CLC for a variety of reasons. Some come to have companionship (community), some come to find a deeper, freer relationship with Christ (spirituality), and some come committed to a vision of changing the world and desire to work with others who are equally committed. Some come to find a simple structure that enables them to integrate action and prayer in the company of others. For whatever reason people join, formation and growth into a full Christian communal life is a long process. While our communities are not exclusively prayer groups, discussion groups, scripture study groups, self-help groups or issue action groups, dimensions of all these are experienced at CLC meetings.

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Canadian Common Mission Statement

“Rooted in the Trinity, and formed in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Christian Life Community Canada is called, as a body of lay apostolic leaders, to read the signs of the times and prayerfully discern prophetic action to set hearts on fire with Christ’s transformative love and compassion. Through the grace of God, in solidarity with World CLC priorities, CLC collaborates with the Society of Jesus, the universal church and all people of good will, to work for justice on behalf of the environment,

the marginalized,

the oppressed

and for people living in poverty.”

General Council Members

National President – Sandy Mudge (Atlantic Region) 

National Ecclesiastical Assistant – Fr. Brooke Stacey, SJ

Elder Representative – Ruth Chipman

Secretary – Pacifica Virzi

National Treasurer – Marilou Gonzales

Rockies Regional Representative – Leanne Salel

Prairie Regional Representative – Ruth Chipman

Central Regional Representative – Marilou Gonzales

Atlantic Regional Representative – Karen Reeves